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Godspeed and Co. supports Leaders and Executives seeking to Screw Business as Usual through leadership development and transformational coaching. We are a diverse pool of thought leaders that forge ahead empowering individuals through the Cognitive Sciences of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuro-Semantics and the Self- Actualisation Psychology of Maslow and Rogers. Our clients experience actualisation for themselves and their corporations financially, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.

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Our Values | Our Team

Our Values

Godspeed and Co.

Godspeed Consulting

The Godspeed logo comprises of a weather vane, a fleur-de-lis, a bird, the symbols of Alpha & Omega and the letters N & S. The various elements incorporated into our logo are symbolic of who we are, what we do, why we do it and where we see ourselves in the future.

Weather Vane


The weather vane, much like a coach, works from afar, unobstructed, providing guidance. A coach’s role is to amplify one’s awareness of self and others, find clarity in chaos, navigate changes, recognise blind-spots, and help clients overcome psychological limitations that stand in the way of success.



A balancing act of threes, the fleur-de-lis, or flower of the lily traditionally symbolises the epitome of perfection, light and life. The petals also represent the Holy Trinity, bringing light to our expertise in facilitation, coaching and consulting.



Often used as a symbol of peace, a bird can also represent detachment and impartiality, observing without the desire to influence. Encouraging self-discovery and reflection, birds challenge those in their presence to expand his or her horizons. Much like a bird, coaches help generate solutions, and hold clients responsible and accountable.

Alpha & Omega


The first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, and significant of the beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega suggest the importance we place on our clients. We consistently put our clients as our priority, seeing each and every one of them through from the beginning of any engagement to the end.

Letters N & S


These letters form the acronym for ‘Neuro-Semantics’, a term to describe how the structure of meaning becomes part of how we feel and therefore, how we act. This concept is essential for greater clarity, purpose and success in personal and team development, and we as coaches and facilitators bring forth this understanding for clients.

Our Team

Joshua Voon

Founder & Executive Coach


Matchy Ma


Matchy Ma

Dr Yvonne Sum


Dr Yvonne Sum

Joshua Voon

JOSHUA VOON is an alchemical visionary… with a virtuoso mandate to transform ideas into income!

His expertise addresses, and guarantees, the cultivation of peak-performance-proficiencies within corporate ecosystems. With mastery-based approaches to human transformation, Joshua’s array of competencies is expressed via a strategic blend of consulting, coaching, training and facilitation.

Joshua’s audiences come from diverse countries, and range from business leaders to executives of manifold disciplines, at all levels within organisations. His modus operandi is heads-up, hands-on, action-based, geared to garnering tangible returns with durable impact for long-term gains.

Joshua has more than two decades of deep-depth panoramic experiences that span a spectrum of challenges. He operates with the wisdom of neurons that inspire organisational leadership to transcend the vicissitudes of an exponentially volatile marketspace…to win, against all odds!

As a keen student of Wing Chun, a martial art system based on redirection of an opponent’s force, Joshua has cultivated the skill of ‘adaptive agility’ that has within it the reach and richness to inspire chain-reactions of success.

He has extensive experience via having engaged in both short-term and long-term assignments in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Vietnam; these initiatives have garnered him a depth of experience across the continuum of cultural diversity and human endeavor in the face of multi-faceted encounters. Joshua’s range of clients spans multiple industries: in aviation, pharmaceutical, financial services, telecommunications, entrepreneurial groups, retail, and non-profits.

Joshua graduated with an MBA from The University of Adelaide, Australia. Under the direct tutelage of Dr. L. Michael Hall, PhD, the developer of Neuro-Semantics, Joshua achieved trainer-level qualifications in Neuro-Semantics, and in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, all complemented with his international accreditation as a Meta Coach (ACMC)…a confluence of credentials that enable him to create high-impact transformations within the challenge spaces of corporate confrontations.

Matchy Ma

MATCHY MA has led and delivered consultancy on a large-scale change management program called the “Magical Transformation Program” for over 7,000 staff in a global financial institution. Under his professional guidance, the business managed to achieve impressive cost savings of over HK$4 million.

In the areas of talent management and development, Matchy has been a lead assessor, facilitator and coach for middle and senior executives of several multinational corporations (MNCs) in countries throughout the Asia Pacific region. Projects delivered include Talent Identification and Assessment, 1-on-1 Manager Coaching, Learning System Design, Leadership Training Design & Delivery.

Furthermore, he has designed and developed over a hundred development and strategic teams at offsite events.

Matchy is an Award-winning Speaker and Master of Ceremonies. He has garnered the winning title at a competition held in Hong Kong for the “Toastmasters International Speech”, “Humorous Speech Contest” and “Evaluation Speech Contest”. He was also the first runner-up in the Hong Kong 2008 Master of Ceremonies Competition organized by HKJCI.

Dr Yvonne Sum

DR. YVONNE SUM, CSP ACC transforms leaders of tomorrow … today. Her presentations help people recognise simple things they may have taken for granted. You cannot help but become more present as she weaves you through connected moments of bliss. In doing so, your senses are heightened to better understand yourself and those around you, resulting in more open communications, interesting and counterintuitive learning partnerships, more innovative possibilities, and simple joys.

Through her own transformational experience as a dentist, RAAF officer, executive coach, leadership facilitator & speaker, author, business partner, wife and mother of two, Yvonne has honed her gift of helping others clarify useful behavioural frameworks across various contexts so that we may choose to easily deploy them in our daily lives. She consistently provokes senior business leaders to ‘lose their minds and come to their senses’ by integrating their leadership lessons at home successfully back into the work tribe. Inspired leaders that consciously lead a great life invariably leave a legacy of authenticity where peace can reign even in the chaos of change, where passion and spirit is fully re-engaged in tribes in business, communities and families.

Yvonne’s breadth of international experience and clientele span across Australia, the USA and Asia Pacific. She has presented alongside Edward de Bono, Howard Gardner, Tony Buzan, David Perkins, Glenn Capelli and Colin James. Start Kidding Yourself – Learning Leadership from your Home Tribe is her first solo book due out in 2012, and she has contributed to two other books: Emerging Trends in Professional Selling Vol 1, & Inspired Children.


What We Do


The coaching process encourages the development of leadership, creativity, commitment and responsibility. While training and facilitation may produce powerful results, coaching provides the missing components to creating lasting change: accountability and commitment. Transformation occurs more readily when organisations include coaching, to support leaders and teams to follow-up and follow-through.


The art of facilitating individuals and organisations to achieve a specific outcome through in-depth conversations. A client’s core meaning is unearthed and inner and outer resources to develop, unleash and actualise his or her potential for achievement are mobilised.

Our Process

Godspeed and Co. coaches work at a meta-level, coaching at the level of structure and process and with a strong emphasis on content. Experts in structure and process, we guide clients in becoming his or her own best expert in content, complementing him or her in order to achieve optimum results.


Meta-coaching is a collaborative process that helps clients amplify awareness of self and others, find clarity in chaos, navigate life changes, make informed decisions, brainsurf ideas, revitalise creativity, and develop strategies. Solution-focussed and goal-orientated, coaching is proven to garner measurable results.

A Meta-coach plays the role of:


In addition to consulting clients in our areas of expertise, we also facilitate meetings and workshops as part of our team and leadership development programmes. In today’s competitive business environment, the facilitation of collaborative meetings is imperative in effective strategic planning and successful strategy execution. It is unfortunate, though, that many meetings these days lack efficiency, waste time and effort, and only end up putting a negative strain on the company’s resources. Avoiding these costly traps really isn’t that difficult, and it all boils down to this: efficiency.

Facilitation Model

Backed by concrete research and practical application, our facilitation model is based on:

    • An in-depth understanding of human psychology, with intellectual, emotional and physical connections as the building blocks for trust-worthy relationships.
    • Vast experience in facilitating meetings for clients from various industries, geographies and cultures.

Our Process

We usually kick it off with a meeting to discuss the concerns of our clients, and depending on the situation, we may also interview team members to gain deeper understanding and insights. In some cases, the problem is evident and clearly defined. In others, issues may lack clarity due to the ambiguity of surrounding goals, agreements, expectations, and roles. By focusing on our client’s agenda and tackling the issues at hand, we are able to secure greater long-term results.


Facilitation is fundamentally beneficial to any organisation. By the end of every meeting, we are certain of producing better, more functional teams that are equipped with the right tools and resources to support improved functioning and overall team development. If our client’s team isn’t functioning up to par, lacking dynamics, or losing sight of a goal, we step in to co-create a new strategic direction, remodel work environments and reshape businesses.

Our Work

Our clients are massively successful,  driven business leaders and executives who are hungry for something more. They are willing to open themselves up for transformation and seek out challenges. When they chose Godspeed and Co, they found a coach, facilitator or independent mind to hold them accountable in achieving their full potential.

Just a few of the clients we’ve worked with:






Worked with the Group Head to establish context for the rollout of its Wholesale Bank Operations Customer Service strategy, and to develop ownership by the country service managers. This was done via a programme that focuses on techniques to enhance collaborative effort. The programme resulted in tangible plans and clarity of purpose that surpassed all expectations.


Designed and delivered a workshop using the HBDI® (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument®) to develop greater understanding of different thinking styles thereby improving communication between team members. Each member of the team identified their strengths and how they were able to support each other, operate more effectively and communicate more openly.


Delivered a programme that focused on helping the sales team acquire people skills that create authentic dialogue and language for building high-trust relationships. The programme has enabled participants to experience a changed in their core values in regards to what solutions they were willing to pursue, and provide for their clients.


Conducted a session that focuses on assisting senior executives to plan and facilitate highly effective meetings. The session provided instant insights into the art of facilitating meetings that connect minds. Participants picked up seminal ideas and pivotal skills that can be deployed strategically in, among others, the areas of enhancing communication, igniting ideas, and exercising leadership.

Our Partners

We are the Asia partner of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics, giving us access to world-class methodology developed by the legendary Dr. L. Michael Hall, as well as global reach through our partner’s networks:


In Print

Leadership development is not something I do simply to pay the bills. It is my passion. My life’s work. I read and write to supplement my assistance to leaders in the important work they do. It is my hope that these articles offer you something valuable – perhaps a reminder or insight – that will enable you to better navigate today’s constantly changing, complex and competitive world.

{ Joshua Voon, Founder & Executive Coach }

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